Order Individual Stand Alone Lessons

The PDF ZIP portfolios listed here as STAND ALONE LESSONS are potent, in depth voyages into the incredible variety of syntactic choices the English language offers its speakers and writers. Each lesson is developed and classroom-tested by a dedicated full-time educator who brings a Master's Degree in English and over three decades of practical classroom experience to the table.

The source of these STAND ALONE LESSONS, the 612-page CD version of Syntax For Sailors Navigating The English Channel, is available for $65.00 on our Order Page. It's the best way to go as the manual is assembled and content-hyperlinked professionally as one comprehensive collection; it develops and explains the exclusive and effective curriculum strategies employed to teach syntactic choices; and at a little over one dime per page, it's the least expensive option.

The STAND ALONE LESSONS listed here are individual professionally designed and rendered PDF files that will be sent via a universally accessible ZIP format to the email address you provide with your order. They're perfect for teachers searching for materials they can legally copy and distribute to supplement meager textbook offerings, or for frustrated parents who need an extra boost in order to help Johnny with that "clear as mud" English homework assignment.

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