Outstanding writers simply have more choices than average writers. The writer who has an vast arsenal of diverse phrase and clause structures in readiness has the potential to communicate with an extreme degree of versatility, flexibility, and effectiveness. English is a rich, dynamic, and versatile language partly because it presents us with an incredible variety of syntactic choices.

Unlike their predecessors, contemporary language arts instructors no longer offer choices. Exercises in self-esteem and multiculturalism have overrun the basics of syntax and grammar in most American classrooms, and it's almost impossible to find an English teacher nowadays who can utilize Reed-Kellogg diagrams to analyze and explain how words, phrases, and clauses function in everyday sentences.

Over the course of a thirty-five year teaching career I've created and compiled Syntax For Sailors, a complete and comprehensive collection of truly effective classroom-tested materials-notes, study guides, worksheets, quizzes, test, and answer keys designed to illuminate the richness English syntax and grammar offers its writers and speakers. I've also included suggestions that show how to implement these resources successfully, and I've started every lesson with a generous helping of confidence-building background material. A detailed step-by-step logical and sequential curriculum is included as well as a superb section on sentence diagramming that features tons of practice. To every parent, tutor, student, teacher, and independent learner who desires an exceptional language arts resource that clearly offers an overabundance of syntactic choices.

I humbly offer Syntax For Sailors Navigating The English Channel.

Bill Miller

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