So what is the deal?

My name is Bill Miller. For years I have been the versatile go-to guy for weddings, reunions, event and senior pictures for many family members and friends living in western South Dakota, and during that time I have managed to accumulate a decent collection of highly versatile photographic tools. So the plan here is to put my super gear, vast experience, and composition talents to good use. Currently retired, (I spent over three decades in the eighth grade) I have the time to work with you extensively to get the job done right. If you are in the market for someone to explore a variety of pose options with you and produce crystal-clear, balanced and beautiful images, this is what I do.

One should never have to pay up the wazoo for professional quality photographs. I have included a number of photos from my extensive collection in the sample section that follows. Compare my work with the competition. Compare my rates with the competition. I charge by the hour and deliver the resulting product on a flash drive, CD, or DVD, so you have full control over all creative editing and printing. I can help here as well.

I am pretty good with Photoshop too and am often separately engaged in switching faces around in problematic group photos to make one good shot where everyone is smiling and has their eyes open, removing red eyes and pimples, and generally trying to make chicken soup out of chicken poop! Turnaround time for digital photos submitted online is about two days; paper prints that need to be scanned take longer.

Very reasonable. This project is called GOOD DEAL PHOTOGRAPHY for a reason.